The Dutch Are Planning a Giant Wind-Turbine Tourist Attraction – CityLab

By John Metcalfe | April 7, 2015

The bladeless “Windwheel” would have a hotel and an odd kind of roller coaster.

Medium-level boosters of ecofriendly living might power their homes with residential wind systems. But for those who want to go all the way, nothing screams “green” more than using wind turbines and residing in one, too.

Making this sustainable habitat is the dream of the Dutch Windwheel Corporation, a group of Rotterdam companies that wants to install homes on a big, bladeless turbine. Though not the most curious windmill concept out there (that distinction goes to Berlin’s hydra-headed monster), it certainly is bizarre on a number of fronts. Foremost, the appearance: Shrouded in fog and pink light in the above rendering, the Windwheel looks like a mix of a supervillain’s lair and the Eye of Sauron —not exactly the thing you’d want to move the kids into. It would also be partially submerged in the Rotterdam port, like an alien Frisbee spiked in mud.

But the most eyebrow-raising feature is what’s happening in the outer of two rings. Forty cabins mounted on rails would swoop visitors around the turbine while screens play a “history of the Dutch water management” system. Call me jaded, but this sounds like the rare roller coaster people don’t want to ride again, from boredom.

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