Reducing Our Footprint

Earth_FootprintsWelcome to this page, which is all about reducing our “Footprint” on Planet Earth

So, what does ‘reducing our footprint’ actually mean?  Well, everything we do has an impact or if you like, leaves a ‘footprint’, one way or another, on this Planet we call home.  It is the resultant effect or impact we make on Earth’s resources/environment due to our actions/behaviours.

Reducing our footprint means considering everything we do with an eye to lessening the effect of our actions on the overall System.  This means considering such things as:

  • How we utilise our car/transport
  • How we design our homes – size, type and use of materials
  • Disposal of our waste
  • Recycling, reusing, re-purposing
  • Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels
  • Employing/improving alternative energy sources such as:
    • Solar, wind, water turbine, ocean power (wave energy), converting waste into biofuel, some even propose Nuclear
    • Making changes within the home – even small changes can have a significant effect.  Every positive effort contributes to the Whole.

It means finding ways of how we can change our actions to support Earth rather than drain Her resources.

It means respecting all of Nature – remembering that everything is interdependent. You cannot upset the balance in one area without upsetting the balance of the Whole. We have proven that so many times when we have interfered with the natural order.

There is no one remedy and no one ‘right’ way.  Nature presents us with many solutions if we would only stop to look and learn and implement.  The solutions will be varied and many. Balance is required – balance between profit and people and the environment. The results of our careless and greedy actions will be felt by future generations; however, with the increasing changes that are now happening to the climate, we may not avoid the results of our actions either.

Concerned people are now taking action.  There is a wealth of information now available to assist us to make these changes – big and small.

New innovations are being made, more affordable solutions are being created. There is hope for us, our children, the planet and the creatures we share this world with.


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