Manipur Women Bamboo and Weaving Products hit market in Delhi 20151202

From | December 13, 2015 

Manipur Women Weavers Products at Nature Bazaar – Photo by CAFI

Manipur Women Survivors Exquisite Bamboo and Weaving Products hit market in Delhi

Control Arms Foundation of India along with Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network organised successfully two exhibitions in Delhi. The first exhibition was held as a part of Women of India Exhibition organised by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India from 12th November to 23rd November at Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi.

After the successful completion of Dilli Haat Exhibition, the second exhibition started from November 25th to November 30th at Nature Bazaar, New Delhi. This exhibition was a part of 22nd Annual Nature Bazaar which was organised by Dastakaar, a non-government organisation, in association with Delhi Tourism, Government of Delhi.

In Nature Bazaar over 100 craft groups, small producers & designers showcased a wide range of hand-crafted lifestyle accessories, striking metal crafts, intricately carved decorative home furnishings, pottery, basketry, leather products, traditional paintings, an array of hand-woven textiles and much more from across India.

In these two exhibitions, some of the products displayed by women weavers are enaphi (a shawl wrapped around the shoulders), phanek (wrap/sarong), Kuki Shawls, Khamthang Shawl, Silk Dupatta and leiroom (a hand-woven scarf used on ceremonial occasions). A large selection of bamboo products like lamps, trays, holders and baskets were displayed, as are products from different ethnicities of Manipur.

Also, six women artisans from Manipur namely Ms Arambam Bijaya, Ms Domneilhing, Ms Sinam Debala Devi, Ms. Nengneilam Haokip, Ms. T. Muithang, and Ms. Kongkham Prabavati Devi came to Delhi to showcase their products and to explore and connect with urban market.

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