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By Joanne Gould, Contributing Writer | June 21, 2015

‘Erm, are none of your chickens organic?’ Yes this sentence actually came out of my mouth when I went to a supermarket recently. No, I’m not a lentil-knitting hippie or a fully paid-up member of Highgate Mums; just a vaguely health conscious twenty-something (ish) food lover and I don’t relish the thought of eating meat pumped full of water and antibiotics.

Just as most of us would rather shell out an extra £4 for an ok sauvignon blanc to avoid the bottom shelf stuff, I’m happy to put my hand a *little* bit further in my pocket to make sure my chicken hasn’t been fiddled with. And I’m not the only one; the Organic Trade Board say they’ve seen more demand than ever for organic food thanks to people getting on the Deliciously Ella bandwagon – and they believe it’s affordable for everyone, not just 4×4 driving smugsters or long limbed glowy ex-models. They reckon one chicken can make seven meals, and when you look at it like that, parting with your last payday fiver for two sad pale skinless chicken breasts is pretty mad. They’re calling it their #thriftyorganic challenge, and I’m doing it for your reading and eating pleasure – which is why I found myself lambasting a poor shelf stacker for his lack of whole organic birds.

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Source: How To Make 7 Healthy Meals Out Of Just 1 Chicken | Food & Drink | The Debrief

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