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How to easily construct your own unique, affordable and sustainable home using earth-brick

Hi and a warm welcome.

If you are keen to learn about building your own home, perhaps you will enjoy a personal account of  the process, as experienced by myself and my family.

Building your own home is definitely achievable and a very enjoyable process and is also one way we can reduce our load on the Planet by using sustainable products and materials. One of the most sustainable materials available to us is ‘earth’. And an earth-brick home will provide you with many benefits:

  • Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Creativity

If, like me, you have a keen desire to create your own unique and distinct home, built with passion and love, then I would like to think that my book on this alternative way to easily construct your own pressed earth-brick home will both excite you and encourage you to give it a go.

My book is a pictorial journey of our experience when building our own earth-brick home about 30 years ago. In this book I will explain how we took one method (creating earth bricks by using a CinvaRam) and modified the construction giving wonderful advantages over the other alternative mediums – adobe, straw bale, pise.

Advantages such as:

  • Ease of construction
  • Improved insulating factor
  • Easier method to incorporate essential services like wiring and plumbing
  • Wonderful earth-brick ambience inside and out

If you’ve considered adobe, straw bale or pise, then you will be well aware of what’s required using any of these methods. I can absolutely guarantee that our method is much easier, less physically demanding and the end result is an eminently comfortable and wonderful place to call ‘home’. Believe me, this method is much easier than the alternative methods listed above.

  • You require little equipment
  • You need very little space
  • The bricks are easy to manage and lay

If you are not able to do the construction work yourself, you can outsource the building phase to others, but don’t deny yourself the pleasure of creating your own bricks – this is something you can do.

I am truly passionate about this method of construction and it is my intention to inform as many people as possible that it is within everybody’s capabilities to undertake a project such as this, even if all you do is make your own bricks. It is so easy and so incredibly satisfying.

I would love to think that my passion has ignited yours. Go follow your passion and build your dream home. It is possible. When you read my book you will discover how simple, easy and affordable it is to build your own earth brick home.

Thanks for allowing me to take you on a journey of possibilities. It is my earnest wish that you are inspired to go for it – and remember to have fun.

If you do decide that this process of building your own home is for you and you undertake this exciting journey, I would love to know your progress and I invite you to keep in touch.

Remember, take photos as you go and create your own family album. Have fun … and create.

Yours sincerely,


Please click here to download: Building with Pressed EarthBrick2