FlyPunch! founder builds brand for natural fruit fly killer from Greenville

By Lillia Callum-Penso | May 10, 2015

A mere nine years ago, Mat Franken’s life was on a very different trajectory. Then, he worked in private finance, lived in Naples, Florida and thought little about what he ate.

Fast forward to now, and the 37-year-old father of two lives in Greenville, he and wife, Jodi, are very careful about what the family eats and Franken himself is making a go at running his own company.

“You have to have an openness to, not to be too hippy dippy, but to the universe,” Franken says. “And to notice when things fall in front of you.”

The 180 can be explained in two words – fruit flies.

The pesky insects inspired Franken’s company, Aunt Fannie’s, and its signature product, FlyPunch!. The special formulation, which Franken developed over the course of four years, is the leading all-natural fruit fly killer on the market.

The budding entrepreneur was inspired by his own family’s need to adhere to food allergies and to find non-toxic solutions to things like pest control and household cleaning.

There’s nothing like a personal need to really motivate you.

“If at most I have helped raise awareness around what’s going on with our food supply and products around our even organic food supply, then I’ve done something,” Franken says.

“So I think this is a product that is making some noise in and of itself but, there is a mission behind it and it’s driven by a personal need.”

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Source: FlyPunch! founder builds brand for natural fruit fly killer from Greenville

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