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From | December 7, 2015

Handicrafts exhibited at Punarjani stall at the All India Cotton Fest at the Police Club in Kozhikode.– Photo: S. Ramesh Kurup

Sympathy and charity are the last things a self-respecting individual, especially a person who has survived a tough phase of her life, would appreciate. She would want to stand up on her feet and make a living of her own despite the odds. Punarjani Cancer Crusaders Society, being a forum of cancer survivors, is well aware of this, of her insecurities and pride.

When Punarjani joins hands with Narmatha-Elegance on Fabrics to find a market for the handmade products by cancer survivors, it becomes a novel story on how a commercial endeavour can provide a helping hand to the needy.

The All India Cotton Fest organised by the Punarjani-Narmatha team at the Police Club in Kozhikode is a must-visit destination for city women, who loves ethnic fabrics – be it Baluchari, Bagh print, Dhaboo print, Matka silk, Batik, Bandni or Bengal cotton. Most of the profit from the sale of the fabrics goes to the Punarjani fund.

The exhibition also features a stall featuring the handmade products by cancer survivors such as bamboo products, bags, soaps, decorations and candles. The stall also distributes pamphlets on various types of cancer to visitors at the exhibition.

“We started from Kozhikode two years ago and has now completed 40 exhibitions across the State. This has helped the cause of Punarjani a lot, as in many places the visitors at the stall have come forward ready to help in whatever way they could,” Narmatha Nangai, who runs the show, said.

Punarjani is led by Dr. K.V. Gangadharan and the members are mostly his former patients. The society does not accept donations, as earning their living through hard work is a matter of pride for the survivors.

The exhibition will conclude on December 12.

Source: Creating a market for their products – The Hindu

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