Huge New Holes In Siberia Have Scientists Calling For Urgent Investigation Of The Mysterious Craters

The Huffington Post  |  By Macrina Cooper-White – Posted: 02/23/2015 4:25 pm EST Scientists were baffled last July when they discovered three giant holes in the ground in the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia. Now, with the help of satellite imagery, Continue reading

Santos LNG expansion: Independent Expert Scientific Committee report sounds warning over Queensland coal seam gas plans – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

By environment and science reporter Jake Sturmer – Updated Thu at 5:27pm Top experts are warning of significant scientific uncertainties arising from a massive coal seam gas expansion proposal in Queensland. The ABC has obtained a report from the Federal Government’s Continue reading

Abbott’s support for Old King Coal is worse than knighting a prince – Opinion – ABC Environment (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

If you needed more evidence that Tony Abbott’s views are stuck in a bygone era, look to his support of a power source from the 1800s. PRIME MINISTER TONY ABBOTT knights a prince and pushes his own leadership to the Continue reading

Drastic Climate Change Carved Up Mars, and May Still Be Happening : Environment : Nature World News

Climate change isn’t an exclusively Earth-side affair. New analyses of gulley patterning carved into the sides of some of Mars’ largest impact craters has revealed that the Red Planet underwent many instances of severe climate shifting, including several ice ages, Continue reading