Board game introduces pathways to a competitive bioeconomy using hemp & bamboo

By Derek Markham | December 9, 2015

© Foundation for a Bioeconomy

This Monopoly alternative is designed to act as a walkthrough of the concepts of a new economically and ecologically viable “Industrial Evolution” based on a renewable bioeconomy.

To get from here, with here being a global economy based on petroleum and non-renewable resources that is literally killing us, to there, with there being a cleaner future with a livable climate and a high quality of life for all, we’re going to have to make some huge changes in the way we do things.

These changes are starting to happen in some sectors, such as renewable energy, but considering how huge our total energy appetite is right now (I think the technical term is “boat-load”), it’s a slow process. And that only affects the energy side of the equation, not the materials side, so even if we were to go 100% renewable energy tomorrow, our stuff, of which we are so fond of buying and using and disposing, will still be made mostly with non-renewable materials (which are often transported vast distances from production to manufacturing to retail).

In order to transition our economy from one based on nonrenewable and energy intensive resources, we’ll need to make a shift to other, more eco-friendly, materials which can be grown sustainably and sourced locally. In short, we need to establish and grow a ‘bioeconomy’ that is both regenerative and economically viable.

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Source: Board game introduces pathways to a competitive bioeconomy using hemp & bamboo : TreeHugger

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