Appetite for organic food grows and found its presence in Indian supermarkets

By Niharika Verma | December 7, 2015

Breaking the barriers, Indian consumers are shifting towards organic food purchases, making the supermarkets and big retail outlets its hub.

organic food demand.

With growing awareness and health conscious Indian consumers, appetite for organic food has grown and found its presence in supermarkets. Though, available on high price, its demand and sale has seen a sharp rise says supermarkets and food associations.

Some experts believe that better product availability and a powerful organic marketing campaign, set up by growers and retailers, have played a significant role in boosting growth of organic food demand.

“Indian market happens to be at very nascent stage. However, the trend is picking up really fast and Organic Harvest has seen a growth of over 300 per cent in the last one year. So, growth has been outstanding. It will keep on growing in the next five years to come,” said Rahul Agarwal, CEO, Organic Harvest.

Supermarkets pushing the growth
The mass-market retail outlet, which includes supermarkets, drugstores, and mass merchants, captures nearly half of the market sales of organic food. Other outlets such as gourmet stores, farmers markets, and community-supported agriculture programs comprise the remaining 10 per cent share, while the eCommerce portals capture another big pie in lion’s share. “For our retail expansion, we hope to be present in high footfall areas in both metros and Tier II cities. In the near future, we are also increasing our production capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand for SoulTree products,” Vishal Bhandari, Founder & CEO, SoulTree.

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Source: Appetite for organic food grows and found its presence in Indian supermarkets

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