Organic not healthier than other foods: Organic junk food still junk | Genetic Literacy Project

By Damian Mann, Medford Tribune | May 22, 2015 Demand for organic foods keeping growing, and big box retailers and mainstream grocery chains, from Walmart to Costco, have jumped in. Consumer demands for organic foods in the U.S. continue to Continue reading

In debate over organic or conventional, is there third way to feed growing, warming world? | Genetic Literacy Project

By Caroline Scott-Thomas | May 4, 2015 Proponents of organic agriculture say it leads to better soil management, uses fewer pesticides and fertilisers, and is a better protector of biodiversity. However, when it comes to increasing food production for a Continue reading

Organic board busts ‘no synthetic pesticides’ myth, okays new herbicides and fungicides | Genetic Literacy Project

By Peter Whoriskey |May 1, 2015 You might think the USDA “organic” label is reserved for foods produced without any man-made chemicals. But under government rules, “organic” food may be grown or processed with the aid of scores of synthetic substances, Continue reading