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Our children are scared, anxious and stressed about what is happening to their planet. 

And they want US to take action – now!

Please take the time to view the video below.  If, after viewing this heartfelt plea from the children of the world, you are inspired (how could you not be?) and feeling motivated to do something, no matter how small, I invite you to join with us to ‘make a difference’.

The video above should be a wake up call to all of us that the time to act is NOW. Whether you believe in global warming or not, you cannot ignore the fact that this Planet is undergoing change.

Some argue that this change is part of the evolutionary cycle and this is quite possibly true.  But it is also true that the increased human activity is adversely affecting the Planet.

And it is also true that our children are very concerned and frightened by what is happening to their “home” – Plant Earth.  And … they are getting frustrated with US!


They are now seeing the events that are manifesting as a result of the non-action of the older generation. They are anxious about the non-action of those who could and should be making a difference. They see the hypocrisy, the greed, the ego-driven need to be ‘right’, no matter what cost.

It is shameful that these kids are now speaking up for themselves and pleading with us to get it right.  I feel we have let them down – we, the adults, who are charged with protecting our children, providing them with security and love and helping them to live a fun, productive, carefree life.

I have created this Website as a result of my passion for living sustainably. I do not claim to have all the answers, but there is a wealth of information now available to all of us and I would like to make it easier for you to access some of this information.

One way we can make a difference is by using sustainable products wherever possible when constructing our own home.

I know that building your own home is not for everybody, but I can speak from experience and I can honestly say that it is a wonderful feeling building your own home from raw materials from the earth. To share my journey when building our earth-brick home and perhaps be inspired to use this method, please click on the tab in the Menu on the top right hand side:  “Free Download-EarthBrick Building“.

I look forward to sharing an inspirational journey together. We CAN make a difference, and the responsibility lies with each and every one of us.

Thank you.


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